ERAYAK Power Inverter 1500W/3000W Solar Converter 12V DC to 230V AC - Ideal for Car Truck Camper RV

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【Powerful Performance】The rated power of ERAYAK inverter is 1500W, which can use devices within 1500W for a long time continuously with a peak power of 3000W.
【Double Fan + Intelligent Temperature Control】The ERAYAK M1500 12v voltage converter is equipped with two intelligent temperature control fans. In standby mode, the M1500 consumes less than 3W. Dual output design to increase heat dissipation area and cooling performance, supporting longer using time. EMC is anti-electromagnetic interference and does not produce noise.
【Quality Control】Using high-quality electronic materials, there is a strict production quality control system (ISO9001). We ensure that every device passes a complete quality inspection process. The device can not only reach the basic rated power of 1500W, but also has an expansion power of 20% and a conversion efficiency of over 90%. Each batch of products is subjected to destructive testing.
【Application】 ERAYAK M1500 comes with two 230V AC sockets and 5V to 2.1A USB. The modified sine wave is suitable for most 230-V devices: 12V batteries (cars, RVs, boats, yachts), solar systems, small electrical tools (water pumps, vacuum cleaners, drills, chainsaws), heaters, hot water boilers, coffee machines, fans, refrigerators, DVDs, PCs, handheld machines, etc.
【Safety】The inverter has intelligent modern protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit, overheating and reverse polarity protection. This device complies with CE-LVD, ROHS, EMC, E13 (ECE 10R) standards. It is manufactured by a factory that meets ISO9001 and BSCI standards. The factory is equipped with a safety standard of 16mm²、A 60cm long pure copper power cord and a German user manual.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 287 reviews
The air conditioner does not work when connected to the transformer

Hello, I installed the device on a tractor to connect an 850w portable air conditioner,
The voltage of the battery when the engine is stopped is 12.6v and at the transformer output there is only 180v and therefore the air conditioner does not turn on or it turns on and off very quickly, do you have a solution to the problem?
Kind regards Thierry

Good product, robust, no cigarette lighter power by appointment

Very good product, installed in a motorhome and in a utility, I am very satisfied. Small thing the battery connection cables are a little too short, it would take 1m to see 1m50m minimum with a fuse on red cable and absence of the cigarette lighter cord.
I tested it with a drill, a fridge and a dolce gusto brand coffee maker among others, it works but my energy logger 4000F model wattmeter does not find the 50Hz, the frequency display is erratic while on the sector j 've got 50Hz.
Moreover, still with this device, the measured values ​​of active power, apparent power, cos phi, are appreciably different for the same device of course than on the sector. I do not have an oscilloscope on hand to check. And suddenly I could not check the availability of 1000 / 2000W announced.
But to conclude, this is a product that gives me complete satisfaction and seems very robust in the choice of materials.

He keeps what he promises.

I bought that part for my Womo.
Since the old one broke and was too weak (600Watt). The new one is easy
Super and more powerful (1500 watts).
The price is just great that's why I bought it. The noise level from the 2 fans is also barely audible. I would buy such a LG again. F.W.

Super Spannungswandler

I use the voltage converter to power the coffee machine (Tassimo 1300W) and my trickle charger in my MX trailer and it works great.
The converter switches off and emits an acoustic signal as soon as the battery voltage is too low, I tested that and it was the case at approx. 10. xV.
So far I haven't had any problems with it and I hope it stays that way :)
From my side, a clear buy recommendation.

Gabriele Vidulich

Practical example of how it can work with relay switch to the mains in case of insufficient battery.
Almost zero no-load consumption (A: 0.10), the fan turns on as soon as it reaches a little higher temperature than the ambient one and of course it depends on the load current.