Erayak Portable Inverter Generator 2400W, Quiet, Gasoline, Gas Powered, EYG2400P

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  • Power Output: 2400 peak watts/1800 running watts. For home, RVs, Camping and more.
  • Super Quiet: Operating at only 52~65 dB(A), great for outdoor camping. ECO mode for low idle speed - quiet environment.
  • Portability: Only 43 pounds. for easy portability
  • Digital Display: Displays voltage, frequency, session runtime, and total runtime.
  • Clean Power: 2x AC outlets, 2x 5 volt USB Port and 1x 12 volt DC port, pure sine wave clean power output with less than 3% THD, safely powers sensitive electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and TVs.
  • High Fuel Efficient: 1.1-gallon fuel tank, runs 14.4 hours with maximum fuel efficiency in economy mode. Gasoline Fuel.
  • Electronic Speed Control Mode (ESC Mode): Automatically adjust throttle and air damper, optimizes engine performance to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Extra long life: Permanent magnet brushless motor, super long life(3000+ hours)
  • Complies with ANSI/PGMA G300-2018, EPA, CARB Compliant, CE, ROHS, ETL





120 Volt ± 10 Volt

230 Volt ± 10 Volt

Surge Power

2400 Watts.

Max 20 Amp

2400 Watts.

Max 10.4 Amp

Rated Power


Continuous 15 Amp


Continuous 7.8 Amp

Noise Level

52 db @ 1/4 load, 7 meters

58 db @ 1/2 load, 7 meters

52 db @ 1/4 load, 7 meters

58 db @ 1/2 load, 7 meters

Fuel /

Tank Size/

Runing Time

  • Regular Gasoline 87, Unleaded

  • 0.95 Gallon

  • 14.4 hrs @ 25% load, 3.6 hrs @ 100% load

  • EURO 95 Gasoline, Unleaded

  • 3.6 L

  • 14.4 hrs @ 25% load, 3.6 hrs @ 100% load


79.3cc 79.3cc


SAE 10W-30 SAE 10W-30


43 lb 19 KG


18.1 x 11.7 x 18.8 in 460*297*477 mm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 417 reviews
Jacob Cox
Great Portable and Backup Power for the Homeowner

Having recently moved to Florida, I quickly discovered through the frequent storms and power outages that you are dangerously underprepared if you do not have a generator. I'd never purchased nor owned a generator before and the task seemed quite intimidating. I did some research about what size we would need to power our freezer and refrigerator and determined that 1800w would be sufficient output. My garage is already quite full already and I anticipated wanting to take our generator on camping trips and to use it around the property so I wanted a small and portable unit. I stumbled upon this unit and it appeared to meet all of my criteria at a very attractive price point. Plus, it's red and black like most everything else in my garage!

Even when this unit is full of oil and gas it is lightweight and very easy to pick up and move around with its sturdy and comfortable handle. Getting it setup and running was a breeze, even for someone like me who'd never used a generator before. After reading the manual, I learned that all I needed to do was get some ethanol free high octane gasoline and a bottle of 15w-40 4 cycle engine oil. The manual says you should use 10w-30 in temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius, but it regularly gets over 40 degrees Celsius here in Florida and the manual said 15w-40 should be used in such high temperatures (side note: most 15w-40 oil is advertised as being for diesel engines, but as long as the oil is API SP certified it will work in a gasoline engine). You need to pop off the side/air filter access panel to access the oil container. The included oil can was much appreciated for putting the oil in the engine. The unit also comes with every tool you need to maintain the unit: a screwdriver, a wrench, an extra spark plug and - BONUS - a set of jumper cables you could use to jump your car from the generator! After pouring the gasoline and oil into the engine, all I had to do was turn the engine switch to START (which is the choke) and pull the starter. All it took was one pull of the starter for the generator to start up. After it ran for a few seconds, I switched the engine switch to RUN and was amazed at how smoothly and quietly it runs. It does get louder if you switch off ECO MODE (which is necessary for maximum power output) but it's still a manageable noise level.

So far I've tested it to make sure that it runs my standalone freezer and it does so wonderfully. I've also really appreciated using it in my woodworking shop which unfortunately only has one power circuit. If I try to run my saws and my shop vac/dust collector at the same time, the circuit breaker trips. I've been using this generator to power my shop vac by setting it just outside my shop and plugging the shop vac into it so that I can have my shop vac and saws running at the same time. This has been such a HUGE bonus for my woodworking shop and is much cheaper than having an electrician come and install another circuit. I've also used it to power some tools in the very back corner of my yard where my extension cords don't reach while building some garden beds. I'm also looking forward to taking this unit camping with me this summer and am excited that it is small, light and portable enough to do so.

This generator has proven to be an incredible value for the money and it also looks really sleek compared to other generators I have seen that pretty much just look like engines.

Ylevol lh3n
Works great and easy to use power inverter generator

We are enjoying this portable inverter generator; it is perfect for all our outdoor power needs. It has efficient design; we can easily power our electronics and appliances while on the go. The item arrived 2 weeks after I placed the order. The generator was very well packed and comes with the cigarette lighter cable, screwdriver tool bag, user manual, oil kettle pouring bottle with extension, which makes it easy and less messy to add oil in. It makes it so convenient with all those things included in the package, all you need to get is oil and gas. Easy to set up and start the machine.

The built-in handle is nice to have it makes it easy to carry and move from one place to another. This inverter is lightweight and easy to maneuver, and its sturdy construction ensures that it can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for our camping trips or outdoor events. It can power multiple devices at one time because it has multiple sources of outlets with cover that protect against dust, dirt, and other debris.

This power inverter is equipped with advanced features like a digital display and quiet operation which great for watching movies outdoors. This generator is the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable and convenient power source. With its compact design, it can be easily stored and transported. Whether you need to power a small appliance or an entire campsite, this portable inverter generator has got you covered.

This is something that we been looking for, not too bulky to carry, not taking up a lot of space and easy to operate, this is a great addition to our outdoor adventures with all its features and durability it is well worth the money, this inverter generator is well made and is highly recommended.

Bradley Wanner
Great generator for backup power and camping

I purchased this generator both to use for backup emergency power at my house and to bring camping, and so far I am very impressed with it. It was incredibly easy to begin using right away, and so far seems to power enough to be useful.

Taking it out of the box you can tell it is a well made piece of equipment that is well thought out. I added oil to it, which when buying oil I got a little confused because in the specifications it says it uses SE 15W-30 oil which I could not find anywhere. However after searching for a while I found in the section about changing the oil that depending on the ambient temperature it should use either 10W-30 or 15W-40 both of which were easy to find. After getting the oil filled properly and adding gas to the fuel tank I went to start it. One of my concerns was that it would be difficult to start, but the first start only took two pulls and since then I’ve started it with just one pull many times.

I was very happy to hear that it runs very quietly with the eco mode turned on, so if you’re only using it to charge a few items or lower loads you can barely hear it from more than 10 feet away which makes it great for camping. If you need to use a higher load you just turn the eco mode off, which makes it a little louder but still plenty quiet to be able to have nearby and still have a conversation.

The size is great, it is easily maneuverable which means I can take it camping without taking up too much space in the vehicle, plus it is easy to store in the garage. It is much not as heavy as other generators I have used so I can easily carry it just by myself.

I have used it for several things so far and it has worked well for the loads I have put on it. I tested a small electric space heater which can be seen in one of the photos to know it will work if needed camping. I also tested it to run my refrigerator at my house in case I ever lose power. It has a lot of outlets available, so I wanted to see if all would work at the same time and plugged a tool battery charger, 2 phone chargers and a computer charger all and it was able to power all which will also be handy for camping. Finally, I used it to charge chainsaw batteries while out cutting wood which was handy to be able to have one battery charging while using the other.

Overall I would say this generator is great value for the money. It is very easy to use, quiet running and able to be transported and stored with ease. I’m looking forward to being able to use it for many things coming up.

Trey Craddock
Small, Mighty, and REALLY Quiet.

If you’re looking for a generator that you can move around easily by yourself, this is it. Extremely lightweight and portable. Really easy to maneuver around. We used it for our kids birthday party and a bounce house. The generator was quieter than the blower that was inflating the house. Super easy to start and well worth the price just to know that you can back up your essentials if your power goes out to your house. It never hurts to be prepared and have a backup plan.

works great

With a commendable 2400W capacity, this generator strikes a perfect balance between power and portability. One of the standout features is its compact design, making it incredibly space-saving and easy to transport. The motor runs surprisingly quiet, ensuring a peaceful camping experience without the constant drone of a loud generator in the background.

The versatility of this generator is noteworthy. It provides ample power for various camping needs, such as powering up music devices, charging phones and tablets, and providing sufficient lighting for the campsite. Additionally, its capacity is substantial enough to support small appliances like a rice cooker or portable induction cooker, adding a touch of home comfort to the outdoor experience.

The convenience of using regular 87 octane gas is a major plus. There's no need to fuss with oil mixes or other chemicals, simplifying the refueling process and making it hassle-free. This simplicity aligns perfectly with the carefree nature of camping.

In conclusion, the Erayak portable inverter generator has become an essential companion during my camping trips. Its combination of power, portability, and ease of use makes it a reliable source of energy for various needs in the great outdoors. If you're in search of a generator that seamlessly integrates into your camping experience, I highly recommend considering this portable inverter generator.