Inversor de onda sinusoidal pura T1000 de 1000 W, convertidor CC CA, ideal para el hogar solar RV

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  • 【POTENTE CC a CA】100 W máx. continuo, sobretensión máxima de 2000 W durante el arranque con carga en frío, onda sinusoidal pura de 12 V a 120 VCA.
  • 【SEGURO DE USO】Pantalla LCD incorporada para estimación de carga, monitor de capacidad/voltaje de la batería y código de solución de problemas. Indicador LED para protección contra bajo/sobrevoltaje, protección contra sobretemperatura, protección contra sobrecarga e indicación de cortocircuito. Ventiladores de refrigeración y protección del interruptor de circuito de falla a tierra (GFCI).
  • 【PROTEJA SUS ELECTRÓNICAS】El avanzado inversor de onda sinusoidal pura de Erayak proporciona CA de calidad equivalente a la energía de la red, lo que protegerá y extenderá la vida útil de sus dispositivos electrónicos y electrodomésticos. Con sus cargas inductivas altas y silenciosas, no se producen zumbidos extraños cuando se encienden los componentes electrónicos inductivos y les permite funcionar de manera más suave, fría y silenciosa.
  • 【FÁCIL DE USAR】 Ofrece un puerto tipo C y un puerto USB de 5 V/2,1 A, 3 salidas de CA y 1 bloque de terminales de CA, junto con dos cables 4 AWG de 1,6 pies y un control remoto con cable de 2 pies.
Modelo 110V
Energía continua 1000W
Potencia máxima 2000W
Tensión de salida sin carga
(@ tensión de entrada nominal)
CA 230 V +/- 10 V, CA 110 V +/- 10 V
Voltaje de salida de carga
(@ voltaje de entrada nominal)
CA 210 V -240 V, CA 110 V +/- 10 V
Frecuencia 50 Hz +/- 0,5 Hz, 60 Hz +/- 0,5 Hz
Salida USB (tipo A o C opcional) Tipo A (CC 5 V, 2100 mA), Tipo C (18 W máx.)
Onda de salida Onda sinusoidal pura (THD < 5% @ carga normal)
Tensión de entrada nominal CC 13 V +/- 0,2 V CC 26 V +/- 0,4 V
Rango de voltaje de funcionamiento CC 11 V - 15 V CC 22 V - 30 V
Sin corriente de carga ≤1.0A ≤0,6A
Máx. eficiencia ≥85%
Entrada de alarma de bajo voltaje CC 10,5 V +/- 0,3 V CC 21 V +/- 0,4 V
Protección de bajo voltaje de entrada CC 9,5 V +/- 0,3 V CC 19 V +/- 0,4 V
Protección contra sobretensión de entrada CC 16 V +/- 0,3 V CC 32 V +/- 0,4 V
Protección contra sobrecarga 1100W - 1250W
Sobretemperatura. protección Sí, salida de apagado
Protección contra cortocircuitos de salida Sí, salida de apagado
Polaridad inversa de entrada CC Sí, por fusible
Temperatura de funcionamiento. -15°C ~ +25°C; 60°C @ 40% de carga de energía
Temperatura de almacenamiento. y humedad -30°C ~ +70°C, 10 ~ 95% de humedad relativa
Dimensión (largo x ancho x profundidad) 384*210*102 mm
Embalaje caja, 3 piezas/caja, 46*45*28,5 cm
Aplicación Electrodomésticos para el hogar y la oficina, equipos de energía portátiles, vehículos, yates y sistemas de energía solar fuera de la red...etc.
Tipo de enchufe Europeo/Francia/Italiano/Reino Unido/Australia/Americano/Universal/Sudafricano/Brasileño, etc.

Model DSU 2000 DSU 3000
Continuous Output Power 2000W 3000W
Protect Power Range 2150W~2300W 3150~3300W
Peak Power Rating 4000W 6000W
Output Voltage 120V
AC Output Sockets 2
USB Power Port 18W Type-C/2.1A 5V USB-A
Output Waveform Pure sine wave
Nominal Efficiency >90%
Weight 12.13lbs 15lb
Fuse 35A*7 inside 35A*10 inside
Cooling Method 2*Temperature Fans(fan start ≥ 149°F)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Amazon Customer
Erayak 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter 12V DC to 120V AC Converter

This is a well made inverter. It is a high frequency inverter that uses only one large High frequency Toroidal transformer for stepping up the 12V dc to 170V dc for feeding the DC to AC inverter output stage, most high frequency inverter uses multiple small transformers instead.
This unit can easily start and run my 1996 25 cu.ft Whirlpool without hesitation, I this fridge for testing inverter surge capability, it has at least 3600W of power surge which most of the 2000W inverters that I have tested fail to start and run this fridge. 2000W AIMS and BougRV can run my fridge OK, but other brands have failed to do so.

Now the bad part:
The Voltmeter calibration is way off, it shows 115V ac on the display but my Fluke and Kill-A-Watt meter show 120V ac, this is will also cause the Watt display to be off also.
The cables that come with the unit are too small, you should use 2/0 wire gauge for this unit for the DC input wires. 2000W AC output/12V = 167A, 167A/0.85 = 196A on the DC input side due to 85% inverter efficiency.
According to the tech support, you cannot bond Neutral and Ground together otherwise it will damage the unit.
It only has 2 AC outlets.

Heavy duty, works great

We run this inverter while driving our SUV to charge Lithium ion batteries for our camper. It works flawlessly and I couldn't be happier with it. This inverter is somewhat big and very heavy but with the remote control, it's easy to start it. I can recommend it.

Sounds of Rain
It's HUGE but doubled my power!

Needed to find a 3000 watt inverter because my 1500 watt pure sine wave inverter could not handle my 600 watt microwave in my Freightliner truck. The 1500 watt inverter worked perfectly fine in a Volvo so I thought it would work in the Freightliner. Well, I could not run the microwave for long in my Freightliner truck before the fuse breaker switch would pop. So I had to do my research. I found this 3000 watt pure sound wave inverter by Erayak. Purchased a new one and it came packaged with all the bells and whistles. Everything was in the box, the set up with a snap, and my microwave works as it should, and no popping the breaker fuse. Happy with this purchase and the extra power. The only criticism is that I do wish it were smaller. But fortunately it still fit in the spot where my smaller inverter was, but barely.

This thing is a beast.

I have a few 2000 Watt Pure Sine wave inverters and this is the largest. I am not sure if that is because it has heavier duty components or is using older tech which is typically larger. But either way, this performs great. I live out in the country and my power goes off frequently. The pure sine wave is necessary for my computer UPS and systems. The external remote switch is very nice and the whole unit would be great addition in an RV. A 2000 watt inverter is not enough to run your house, but could run probably run an RV depending on what you have plugged in. You would need several for a house. Just double check the Wattage of the devices you are using. IMO, you never want to run an inverter at 100% load for very long and like to keep it around 80% load for any length of time. I will update if anything changes good or bad.

"I've got the power" ... nice inverter

I ordered this for an off-grid pavilion with solar panels and a battery bank. It has a nice remote 'on/off' switch and the wiring to control it. The packaging is good. I haven't hooks up an oscilloscope but everything seems to work like it was on line power.

This would be great for a small home with minimal power requirements. This will require a pretty good sized battery if you want to use it with stuff like a microwave (small) or a hair dryer (1500W) I am pretty impressed with this.