ERAYAK GT-600 Watt Micro Inverter Solar Grid Tie - Ideal for Home Roof Power Plant

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GT-600 Watt Micro Inverter Solar Grid Tie for Power Plant with Additional AC Power Plug, IP66 Waterproof, DC 22-48V, MPPT Pure Sine Wave Output WiFi Control

【Efficient Conversion】This GT-600 inverter enables multi-channel MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) for precise solar energy sensing and offers up to 99% efficiency. Output with 220V pure sine wave AC voltage; Automatic detection of frequencies in the range 48-51/58-61Hz.
【Detailed Monitoring via WiFi App】The 2023 ERAYAK GT-600 allows you to remotely control and monitor via the Wi-Fi mobile application. You can monitor the voltage and energy detection at any time and control the switch system via the app.
【Easy Installation】: The micro inverter can be mounted directly behind the module or on the bracket to make maintenance easier for users.
【Improved waterproofing according to IP66】The ERAYAK micro inverter of the 2023 model series has improved waterproofing. It can be used without any problems even in heavy rain.
【All-round protection】The ERAYAK 600W solar inverter provides independent and parallel-controlled protection for each component to maximally reduce potential safety risks. Constant current, constant output power to avoid overload, overheating and overcurrent.
【No shutdown when overheated】Compared to the old version, where overheating caused shutdown and the light energy was captured inefficiently, the ERAYAK GT-600 of the 2023 model year automatically adjusts when overheated, cools itself down and can be switched off within five Return to 100% power in minutes.
【Improved Cooling Performance】The 2023 version ERAYAK GT-600 has been updated with optimized internal cooling materials and circuits, resulting in a 50% increase in cooling performance.
【Reliable ERAYAK Guarantee】If quality problems arise, our German repair department takes responsibility. This includes a high-quality connection cable, a set of screws, an antenna and an operating manual.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gute Erfahrung von Einkauf

Auf dem Weg zum Balkonkraftwerk ist der Wechselrichter ein weiterer wichtiger Baustein. Der Wechselrichter mit 600W kommt gut verpackt an. Beim Auspacken macht er einen ordentlichen Eindruck.

Funktionsweise eines Wechselrichters ist in der Produktbeschreibung schon gut bebildert und im Text beschrieben. In einem Satz: er sorgt dafür dass der Gleichstrom der aus den Solarmodulen kommt direkt in eine Steckdose auf dem Balkon in den hauseigenen Stromkreislauf mit 230V Wechselstrom eingespeist werden kann.

Good inverter for the balcony power plant

The Erayak GT-600 inverter has left a good quality impression on people.Installation is very easy. The delivery scope includes the inverter itself, instructions from five European countries, several screws, and an AC cable from the inverter to the socket. So far, inverters have left a good and solid impression on people. The craftsmanship is also very good, which can be comparable to other inverters within this price range. I think IP66 is very strong. Thanks to this application, you can always see the content being created. So far, I am very satisfied with this device and it has done what it should do. For me, the advantage of this version of inverter is that it can be directly connected to the power supply through the provided cables, providing reliable monitoring and control. Its 600W power can meet the new regulations of the balcony power plant.


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