Tragbarer Inverter-Generator von Erayak, 4500 W, leise, Dual-Fuel, EYG4500PD

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  • Tragbarer Stromgenerator: Der Erayak 4500PD ist eine vielseitige, tragbare Stromquelle, ideal für Camping, Heimgebrauch, Wohnmobile und Notfälle. Es liefert 4500 Watt Spitzenleistung und 3500 Watt Dauerleistung, mit 90 % Leistung im Tri-Fuel-Modus.
  • Tri-Fuel-Fähigkeit: Unterstützt Benzin-, LPG- und NPG-Kraftstoffe.
  • Automatischer Dual-Fuel-Schalter: Wählt automatisch den Kraftstoff aus und schaltet bei Bedarf nahtlos von LPG/NPG auf Benzin um, um eine unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung zu gewährleisten.
  • RV-fähige Steckdosen: Enthält eine 30-A-RV-spezifische Steckdose (L5-30P), die den einfachen Anschluss an ein RV ohne zusätzliche Adapter ermöglicht.
  • Mehrere Steckdosen für Zuhause und Camping: Verfügt über eine Duplex-AC-Steckdose 5-20R 20 A mit AC-Schutz, eine L5-30P 30 A AC-Steckdose mit Drehverschluss, einen L5-30P-zu-TT-30R-Konverter und zwei USB Anschlüsse zum Laden des Geräts.
  • Parallelfähig: Ermöglicht den Anschluss von zwei 4500-Watt-Generatoren für die doppelte Leistung.
  • Super Leise: Betrieb mit nur 60,5 dB(A) bei halber Last aufgrund seines geräuschreduzierenden Gehäuses.
  • Reine Sinuswellen-Wechselrichtertechnologie: Versorgt empfindliche elektronische Geräte wie Smartphones, Laptops, Fernseher, Klimaanlagen, Heizungen, Elektrowerkzeuge und mehr sicher mit Strom.
  • Leicht: wiegt 55 Pfund.
  • Kraftstofftankkapazität: 8,5 l (2,25 Gallonen) mit einer Laufzeit von 4,5 Stunden bei Volllast und 9 Stunden bei halber Last.
  • Standardkonform: Erfüllt die ANSI/PGMA G300-2018-Standards.

Zusätzliche Funktionen:

  • Einfacher Elektrostart: Verfügbar für 4500PDE, ermöglicht den direkten Start über den Motorschalter und vermeidet manuelle Starts.
  • CO Secure: Der eingebaute Kohlenmonoxidsensor schaltet den Generator ab, wenn der CO-Gehalt hoch ist. Das Modell 4500PDM verfügt über einen manuellen CO-Schalter, das Modell 4500PDE hingegen nicht.
  • Eco-Modus: Verfügbar beim 4500PDM, reduziert Geräusche und Kraftstoffverbrauch durch niedrigere Geschwindigkeiten im Energiesparmodus.

Trifuel, Electric Start, CO Sense


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Christopher Martinez
Erayak EYG4500PD Portable Inverter Generator Review

As a seasoned reviewer of portable power solutions, I find the Erayak EYG4500PD Portable Inverter Generator 4500W to be a remarkably versatile and efficient choice for both outdoor enthusiasts and home users. Its dual-fuel capability, allowing seamless switching between LPG and gasoline, offers unparalleled flexibility and reliability in various situations.

A standout feature is the intelligent display screen, providing real-time monitoring of voltage parameters and operational status. This addition not only enhances user convenience but also elevates safety by offering immediate insights into the generator's performance.

The generator employs advanced inverter technology, ensuring the delivery of clean and stable power suitable for sensitive electronics, coupled with a notably low noise profile. The CO Sense technology further adds to its safety credentials, actively monitoring and responding to carbon monoxide levels.

In conclusion, the Erayak EYG4500PD stands out for its smart functionalities, safety features, and versatile fuel options. I highly recommend pre-ordering this generator for those seeking a reliable and sophisticated power solution for outdoor adventures or as a dependable home backup.

David Wilson
Erayak EYG4000PD Pre-order review: A Reliable Energy Solution Worth Looking Forward To

The Erayak EYG4500PD Portable Inverter Generator represents a significant leap in portable power technology, offering an impressive blend of versatility, efficiency, and safety. With its 4500W output, this generator is more than capable of handling the demands of a medium-sized RV or providing emergency backup for home use.

One of the standout features of the Erayak EYG4500PD is its dual-fuel capability. The seamless auto-selection between LPG and gasoline fuels not only provides flexibility in fuel choice but also ensures uninterrupted power supply. This feature is particularly beneficial for users who may have limited access to a single fuel type in remote locations.

The generator's inverter technology is another major plus. Unlike traditional generators, the Erayak EYG4500PD produces clean, stable power that is safe for sensitive electronics like laptops, smartphones, and medical devices. This makes it an ideal choice for camping trips or as a reliable power source during power outages.

Safety is clearly a priority in the design of this generator. The CO Sense technology is a vital addition, as it monitors the levels of carbon monoxide and automatically shuts down the generator if unsafe levels are detected. This feature is essential for preventing CO poisoning, especially in enclosed spaces like RVs and homes.

In terms of usability, the Erayak EYG4500PD scores high. Its portable design is complemented by a user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate even for those who are not technically inclined. The noise level is also reasonably low for a generator of this size, which is a significant consideration for both campers and residential users.

In conclusion, the Erayak EYG4500PD Portable Inverter Generator is a top-tier choice for those in need of a reliable, versatile, and safe power source. Its combination of dual-fuel technology, clean energy output, and advanced safety features make it an ideal option for a wide range of applications, from outdoor adventures to home backup power.

Emily Johnson
Worth the price, book it immediately

Great design, Erayak's machine is smaller in size but has the same power as those commonly found on the market, such as Champion. I once had the Champion 200988 4500-Watt ($1200), which claimed 4500Watt peak and 3500Watt operation, but was nowhere near actual, and had no battery or voltage display. The Erayak 4500pd not only has all of the above, but also has similar power and a lower price, making it worth booking.

John K.
I have made a reservation and hope it will be delivered as soon as possible

I bought an Erayak 2400P in 2021. It has been working well without any problems. I need a more powerful dual fuel generator for my cabin.