RK1000 Autobatterieladegerät Savior1

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1 Ampere 6/12 Volt Erhaltungsladegerät für alle Batterien 

Entwickelt für 6-V- und 12-V-Blei-Säure-, Blei-Säure-Automobil-, Schiffs- und Deep-Cycle-Batterien, einschließlich gefluteter, Gel-, AGM- und wartungsfreier Batterien sowie Lithium-Ionen-Batterien. Es ist die Komplettlösung für Batterieladegerät, Batterieerhaltungsgerät und Erhaltungsladegerät.

Erhaltungsladegerät für Auto, Motorrad und Auto

Laden und warten Sie die Batterie von Autos, Motorrädern, Booten, Wohnmobilen, Solaranlagen, Rasenmäher, Geländefahrzeugen, Rasentraktoren, LKWs, SUVs, Booten, PWCs, Oldtimern, einschließlich BMW, P orsche, Honda, Audi, Mercedes Benz.

Intelligentes Erhaltungsladegerät

  • Ladet Batterien mit einer Spannung von nur 1 Volt auf.
  • Einfache Wartung – Es handelt sich um ein fortschrittliches Erhaltungsladegerät und Batterieerhaltungsgerät. Ein vollautomatisches tragbares Batterieladegerät für den 24/7-Einsatz ohne Überladung.
  • Vollautomatisch: Eine zweifarbige LED-Leuchte zeigt den Ladezustand an. Wenn die Batteriespannung unter Last zu stark abfällt, nimmt das adaptive Laden die volle Ausgangsleistung des Ladegeräts wieder auf. Die automatische Ladezyklusfunktion wechselt nach dem vollständigen Laden des Akkus in den Erhaltungsmodus. Im Wintermodus wird die Hochspannungs-Sättigungsladung übernommen.


6-V-/12-V-Batterieladegerät, Zubehörkabel mit Krokodilklemmen, 3 Jahre Garantie und lebenslanger Kundendienst rund um die Uhr.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews
    Paolo T.
    For now it works well

    I bought this Erayak from to replace a third-party product which unfortunately had failed. Compared to the previous one, it has longer cables, while it remains at rest when it is in maintenance function.
    The charger seems to work well: when I take the car for a few kilometers and then I reattach it to the charger, it charges for a few seconds (orange light and fan on) and then goes into maintenance; it means that the charger notices even minimal drops in charge and restores them in a few seconds.
    I hope the weather is more magnanimous with this charger than with the previous one, but the cooling fan leaves me hopeful.
    As a reference I can tell you that it charges a 55/60 Ah (12v) battery in about 12-15 hours.

    ERAYAK charger: great buy!

    Arrived on a Sunday, several days early. I tested it immediately because due to Covid, the batteries of my family's cars (which had been forgotten in the garage) had run out. Attached to the first, it shut down after just 6 hours as the battery was fully charged. The second, probably more discharged, took 14 hours, but the battery is very efficient. What can I say except that in my opinion the product is fine and that its price is low for the quality and the work it does. I forgot that it is also great for maintaining a charge: just plug it in and it turns on and off depending on whether the voltage drops over time.


    Ideal for those who have to leave the car unused for months; the battery is not damaged and the car restarts easily.
    Despite the unclear instructions in my opinion, it is practical and easy to connect in a minute and allows you to avoid disassembling anything. It is activated as soon as the battery charge drops even slightly and stops by itself when it is charged.
    It therefore keeps the battery always charged without wasting current or overheating.
    Top product also for the price.

    Valutazione: ERAYAK Caricabatterie Carica Batteria per Auto e Moto

    Item delivered on time and well packed.
    Operation as indicated by the seller's descriptions.
    Available functions similar to those of more famous and expensive devices. Battery charger Great for home use. Already used to keep batteries charged during the winter period.
    Good quality-> Price ratio compared to other objects of the same type on the market.
    I waited before writing the review, and after a reasonable time of use, I recommend the purchase to those interested.


    It is a very valid product, it does not overheat because it has an internal fan and I always leave it connected, guaranteeing the efficiency of the batteries of my motorcycles.