T2000 Spannungswandler Reiner Sinus Wechselrichter 2000W

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Der Thunder-2000 ist ein professioneller 2000-Watt-Wechselrichter mit reiner Sinuswelle, der bis zu 4000 Watt Spitzenleistung liefert. Damit können Sie Bürogeräte und die meisten Haushaltsgeräte wie Fernseher, Ventilatoren und Minikühlschränke direkt von Ihrem Auto, LKW, Wohnmobil oder Boot aus mit Strom versorgen.
Der Wechselrichter verfügt über zwei USB-Anschlüsse, über die die meisten Mobilgeräte aufgeladen werden können.

- Reine Sinuswellenausgabe

- Hohe Frequenz und effizient bei geringer Größe

- 100% echte Leistung

- Eingang und Ausgang vollständig isoliert

- Mikroprozessor-Steuerungssystem

- Intelligenter temperaturgesteuerter Lüfter

- Robustes und langlebiges Gehäuse aus Aluminiumlegierung

- USB-Anschluss zum Aufladen der meisten Mobilgeräte (optional Typ-A und Typ-C)

- Optionales LCD-Display (Eingangsspannung, Ausgangsspannung, Ausgangsfrequenz, Lastleistung, Ausgangsstrom, Fehlercode)

- Optionale Fernbedienung

- Eingangsschutz: Verpolung (Sicherung) / Unterspannung / Überspannung

Modell 110V 220V
Kontinuierliche Leistung 2000W
Spitzenleistung 4000W
Ausgangsspannung ohne Last
(@ Nenneingangsspannung)
Wechselstrom 230 V +/- 10 V, 110 V +/- 10V
Ausgangsspannung laden
(@ Nenneingangsspannung)
Wechselstrom 210V -240V, Wechselstrom 100V -140V
Frequenz 50 Hz +/- 0,5 Hz, 60 Hz +/- 0,5 Hz
USB-Ausgang (optional Typ-A oder C) Typ-A (DC 5V, 2100mA), Typ-C (max. 18W)
Ausgangswelle Reine Sinuswelle (THD < 5% @ Normal Load)
Nenneingangsspannung Gleichstrom 13 V +/- 0,2 V DC 26 V +/- 0,4 V
Betriebsspannungsbereich Gleichstrom 11V - 15V Gleichstrom 22V - 30V
KEIN Laststrom ≤1,6A ≤0,8A
max. Effizienz ≥85%
Eingang Niederspannungsalarm Gleichstrom 10,5 V +/- 0,3 V DC 21 V +/- 0,4 V
Eingangs-Niederspannungsschutz Gleichstrom 9,5 V +/- 0,3 V Gleichstrom 19 V +/- 0,4 V
Eingangsüberspannungsschutz DC 16 V +/- 0,3 V DC 32 V +/- 0,4 V
Überspannungschutz 2150W - 2300W
Übertemp. Schutz Ja, Shutdown-Ausgang
Kurzschlussschutz am Ausgang Ja, Shutdown-Ausgang
Verpolung des DC-Eingangs Ja, per Sicherung
Betriebstemperatur. -15 °C ~ +25 °C; 60 °C bei 40 % Leistungslast
Lagertemperatur. & Feuchtigkeit -30 °C ~ +70 °C, 10 ~ 95 % relative Luftfeuchtigkeit
Abmessungen (L x B x T) 532*288*142mm
Verpackung Wellpappe, 1 Stück/Karton, 60 x 38 x 25 cm
Anwendung Haushalts- und Bürogeräte, tragbare Stromgeräte, Fahrzeuge, Yachten und netzunabhängige Solarstromsysteme ...etc.
Steckdosentyp Europäisch/Frankreich/Italienisch/Großbritannien/Australien/Universal/Südafrikanisch/Brasilianisch etc.

- Ausgangsschutz: Kurzschluss / Überlast / Übertemperatur

- CE / E-MARK / RCM / c-ETL-us-zugelassen

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product, pure power

We had a Erayak 1500W Modified Sine Wave Inverter, and replaced it with the Erayak 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. It is bigger, Surprise! It wouldn't fit in the same space, and the manual said it shouldn't be mounted vertically (like the old one was), but no problem, we secured it on a horizontal space, and it works perfectly. We have a ceramic heater that draws 1500W that didn't like the old inverter, but works on the 2000W quite well. This will make our boondocking so much easier. Great Product!

Pure sine wave inverter

I am using this inverter in a home application. I wanted to put together a small solar system to run my refrigerator and freezer during a power outage.

I have been using Erayak 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter for about 6 months. I've had no power outages but have been running my freezer with it on and off, mostly because it there and I can.

My freezer pulls around 660 watts. The inverter has a couple fans built in to keep it cool. When the freezer runs, it does so for about 3 hours. I have also run some other appliances at the same time. I've noticed that as long as the load stay under 1200 or so watts, the inverter never gets hot enough for the fans to come on.

I have loaded it up with a space heater and a few other items just to run a test of my system. The inverter has some built in safety's but I have not pushed it hard enough to engage them. Didn't want to damage my battery bank.

Like anything project you undertake, do some research. Especially the difference between pure sine and modified sine wave inverters. There is a reason for the big difference in cost. You have to decide what you are going to run and act accordingly.

I have had no experience with teck support so can't comment. Value for the money, for the features and what I was going to operate. the Erayak 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter was my choice.

Finally A Super Quality Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Cables are rated 200A with 3/8” Copper Eyelet Lugs, excellent cables. These lugs will work fine with 5/16” marine terminals. For 1/4” terminals, you’ll need a washer.
Arcs pretty aggressively, recommend connecting positive line first while unit is switched OFF. This is a sign that there are big caps and might handle big inductive loads well.
At 180W, fans are completely off. If you put your ear to the unit, there is an almost imperceptible hum. The tone is lower pitched and is not bothersome or even detectable from a few feet.
Connecting/Disconnecting smaller 100W inductive loads doesn’t cause power loss like in cheaper units such as Potek 2000W Pure Sine Wave inverter.
At 320W, fans are still off. The hum is now almost undetectable with your ear to the unit.
At 1050W, the fans are still off and still almost exactly 120V AC. I’m impressed. All lines and terminals are ice cold. The hum has taken a new tone, but it is barely detectable with your ear to the unit.
At 1130W, the fans are on low. Unfortunately, a high frequency squeal is added to the noise profile that I can hear from 20 feet away. I have young ears (age 30s) and can hear 15kHz+ no problem. You probably aren’t using this thing as a pillow at night, but just be aware. I'm calling the upper limit at 1100W continuous for my personal use because the noise drives me nuts. YMMV.
At 1600W, my battery bank voltage drops to 10.8V which may indicate that I am reaching the limits of what loads I can reasonably test with only two batteries and low charge. The fans are at medium speed and we’ve dropped to 110V AC. The high pitched squeal is very slightly louder. It seems like the fans are responsible for the squeal.
I will recharge the batteries and retest higher loads tomorrow. I am running out of appliances! This is the first inverter of four that has met, and actually exceeded my expectations. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one. I am a HAPPY CAMPER thus far, thank you Erayak for actually delivering a product that meets and even exceeds its specifications. This is my fourth inverter; all previous inverters were returned for one or more serious issues.

At least one reviewer listed the soldered 25A fuses on the mainboard as an issue - they managed to blow one or more of them. I like this unit so much that I don't have the heart to test.

Eugenio F.
110 power off the grid

Bought this inverter in order to charge electronic devices and run a small 4 cup coffee pot. There are tons of videos on how to mount these, so no real need for the lacking instructions included. The product is very well made and easy to mount, hookup and operate. The hardest part was finding a location close enough to the battery bank to keep the cable length to about 3'. The cables provided are very good quality but I had to chop up the red (+) cable in order to put a fuse and cutoff switch inline between the inverter and the battery. The ground terminal on the inverter case is ludicrously small, but make sure you run a ground wire anyway. The remote is awesome, but cumbersome to mount. I ended up using an shallow, old work, junction box and a cover plate cutout to match the remote for a finished look. Now my inverter is safe in a storage corner in the RV and the remote is conveniently mounted next to the outlet I wired up to the inverter.

Product works as advertised. Had no problem running the 4 cup coffee maker, toaster and kept all electronic devices charged up with two flooded batteries and solar panel charger system. I also tested our home Keurig just to see if the inverter could surge up and run it but no way. A Keurig will draw 1500 watts at startup and will trip the inverter safety overload. Still, I was glad to see it all worked as designed.

Overall, great product and value. I would buy again.

G. Smith

After reading many reviews and shopping for the best medium range, true sine wave inverter, I ordered the Erayak 2000W 12V pure sine inverter unit. After careful consideration, I did decide to purchase a unit twice the size of what I probably needed. This appears to be a safe choice! I've seen way too many bad reviews of the low priced inverters!

I'm impressed with the quality of this unit. It delivers everything promised, and doesn't break a sweat. I just built a 200ah LIFEPO4 battery pack, with a 100 amp BMS, set to 150 amp overload protection, and used this unit for testing. It did great with a heat gun pulling 80 amps, but when I overloaded it to 180 amps the BMS immediately shut off, as it should. I'm impressed that I am able to charge the wife's Tesla Model Y, with the standard mobile 120v charger, at 4 miles per hour through this inverter, giving me about 8 mile's charge with the 200ah LIFEPo4 pack.

I don't really intend to use this for charging her car, but decided to try this as as a load, while I tested the battery pack/inverter, rather than continuing to waste energy with the heat gun I was using.

So far, I'm impressed!


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